Fruit or No Fruit

Posted: May 20, 2012 in God's man

If the ambition of God’s man is to become like Christ, then we must aggressively pursue that one ambition. This means the borders of our growth will be constantly stretched for the duration of our life on earth. Jesus didn’t mix words or parse verbs on the whole topic of growth. He said either you are growing or you are dying—fruit or no fruit. There is no middle ground for the man of God. That is why so many men are so incredibly down when they have chosen to coast in their spiritual lives. They are not coasting; they are dying a slow death! They have stopped abiding in the vine of Christ, are disconnected from His process, and have no source of nourishment for their convictions. God’s dream for God’s man always involves personal growth and fruit. He is visibly increasing, I am decreasing. More Christ, less you. More humility, less pride. Less self, more service for others.

Are you willing to go there in your walk with God? If so, you will experience His dream and catch his vision for your life.

From the book “Dream” by Kenny Luck

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