Choices…we all have them

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Fatherhood, Just A Thought, Marriage

Have you ever considered all the choices we have? We have so many choices in our lives today that it can get overwhelming. You can make the choice for a gut buster double cheeseburger followed by a bacon sunday or you can have a salad for lunch today. Your car can be almost any color you want it to be and so can your hair, if you still have some. The fact is, we have lots of choices.

Whether it’s a conscious choice or not, you choose where you lead your family. You can lead them in and to the things of the world which is easy or you can lead them to the Lord, which is harder because it takes work. Lots of work and constant work.

Living and modeling a life of faith in Christ is simple but it isn’t easy. Making the choices that help our family to be a part of a life lived following Jesus takes effort and guys it is our job, nobody elses. Each of us will have to decide on what that looks like for our house, again choices.

If you haven’t made the best choices for your family up to this point then make the choice to change. Set a new direction, work out the details and be open and honest with everyone about the changes. Again, that will not be easy to do but well worth it in the long run.

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