Your Vision

Posted: July 16, 2012 in God's man, Just A Thought

Do you have a vision, a dream of something  you would like to do in God’s kingdom?  Is there something that keeps nagging at you, bothering you about the world that needs to changed?  Is there some situation where you see clearly what could be and what should be? If so, then what’s stopping you?

We all take a certain amount of risks in life, sometimes just driving to work is a risk. We all fear rejection and embarrassment and failure to some degree but, we have to remember that we don’t operate in our own power, we have God’s power, His Spirit with us.

2 Timothy 1:7 tells us, “For God has not given us a spirit  of fearfulness,  but one of power,  love,  and sound judgment”

For that dream or vision that lives inside of you, does it bring the Good News to the poor in spirit, does it set captives free, does it liberate the oppressed? If so, how can you start making your dream a reality? It may be quite likely that there are others around you that share the same vision, the same dream to make a change. Talk to some trusted friends, some of the people around you, ask them what they think about your idea. Ask if they would be interested in coming along with you.

There is one more thing. It’s probably the most important thing. PRAY and pray a lot about how God might direct this dream or vision for His glory. Pray and listen to what He has for you, His will and be ready to be obedient to what He tells you.

Be ready to take a risk, step out in faith and make your dream a reality, turning your vision into action and see what God’s power can do through you!


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