GET IN – Pounding Nails

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Just A Thought

The other day I was hanging out with my five-year old son at the house, not really doing much of anything.  I got an idea to do something with him that would help him build a skill and allow me to bond with him.  I took him out to the garage and got out some pieces of wood, some nails and his hammer. For maybe an hour he and I pounded nails, trying to drive them straight,  just having some fun while learning a valuable skill. I’m not sure who had the most fun him pounding or me watching and coaching.  Of course the nail deal lead to getting out the drill, more on drilling later.

The nail pounding got me to thinking, For those who have been walking with Christ for a while, guys that have some distance under their belt on the journey, when was the last time you brought a new guy along? Who are you pounding nails with, helping to start a lifetime and lifestyle of being a disciple?  I was teaching my son the very basic task of pounding a nail straight into a piece of wood. What might he do with that one day?  Maybe we’ll build a bird house or a dog house or maybe some day he’ll build a house, who knows but it all starts with the basics.  It’s the same with a discipleship journey, a guy Get’s In and then somebody needs to help him with the basics.  Somebody did it for you, who are you bringing along now?

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