GET IN – Why We Do Events

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

The question comes up from time to time, “Why do we do events?”.  Like most questions there are many answers to why we do events in men’s ministry. We do events like a breakfast, a chili cook-off, a skeet shoot all of them for several reasons and here are a few. 

Events are generally designed to be fun and who doesn’t like to have some fun once in a while.  Events also allow guys to get together, spend some time with other men from the church.  In some respects events help big churches feel smaller because you see familiar faces and can hang out with friends.  While having fun and hanging out are both good things to do, there is a bigger reason for most of the events that a ministry hosts.  

Ministry events can be great funnels. Events should be used intentionally to draw some new guys to the ministry.  It’s a lot easier for a guy to show up at a fun event when he does not know anybody than it is to walk into a small group of men that have been meeting together for a few years.  These events are a great place for guys to Get In to the ministry.  Even weekly mid-sized events like REFUEL (at Bethel) are really geared to helping men get connected.  Connecting men is  what Get In is all about.  After a guy attends an event for the first time it is important for somebody to follow-up with him.  Somebody who was at his table, somebody he met during the day or a strategic person assigned to make connections with new guys, it really doesn’t matter who as long as somebody helps the new guy feel welcome.

It’s tough to be new to any group. You were new once. The next time you are at a ministry event, make it your business to make the new guy feel welcome and he has a good shot at being around for a long time.

We are Stronger Together!

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