Bearing Not Overbearing

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Just A Thought

In Titus 1 verse 7 and 8 there are two lists. It lists ‘vices’ and ‘virtues’ that Paul uses to describe to Titus what he should look for in the character of the men who would be appointed elders in the churches on the island of Crete.

These character traits are not just for elders or those who may become elders are they? Of course not. They are for all of those that follow Christ. Everyone who has been saved should, through the work of the Holy Spirit, be striving to be free from the ‘vices’ in our lives.

In verse 7 the first ‘vice’ or quality that an elder is  listed as “not overbearing”.  Let’s take a look at that a little closer. Overbearing is described as self-willed, haughty or domineering; dictatorial; rudely arrogant. Things like pride, selfishness and lack of care for other people come to mind. Have you been around overbearing people? Are you in a place where you have to be around an overbearing person? Overbearing people are not enjoyable to be with; it’s that plain and simple. They think they know more than anyone else. They think that they are more necessary than they really are.

What’s the other side look like? What does it look like to not be overbearing? Well, think of the word “bearing”. One definition is that which carries weight or acts as a support. Or, think of load bearing, capable of bearing a structural load, withstanding a weight or strain. Quite the contrast isn’t it?

God’s standard, which we are incapable of meeting on our own, is set very high. This is why we need His Son. Look at the “one another’s”. Here is a link to the list on our GROW Group leader tools page:

It would seem that the one who carries the load or supports the weight of people around him is the one most likely to live out the “one another’s” in his life. He is the man that is bearing or able to bear the burdens of others, the one who lifts others up, who encourages people and moves them forward spiritually. Those overbearing dudes don’t do that. Their actions and words tear others down and discourage people. In other words, the shepherd cares for the sheep; he doesn’t beat them up, make them feel unworthy or bring harm to them.

Are you a bearing guy or an overbearing guy? Can people bear to be around you or not? Just somethin’ to kick around and think about. Have a great rest of your day…

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